Business Proposal

Construction of a resort hotel on approximately 0.23 square kilometers of land near Arima Onsen, one of the three major hot springs in Japan.
Nippon House Kobe has experience in hotel construction and will be in charge of the construction. We will also introduce hotel operators, banks for financing, and offer other support so that even those who have no experience in the hotel business can start hotel management right away.

We propose hotel architecture that increases asset value.

The lodging business is a highly profitable business.
Especially in areas popular among travelers, accommodation facilities are in short supply and stable earnings can be expected. With the passage of new laws regarding lodging in Japan, it has become easier for newcomers to enter the market. In addition, we connect owners with operators and offer business proposals tailored to the area. Even those who do not have operational know-how can start a lodging business with confidence.

Hotel Management Plan

[Construction and Operation Owner]

  • ・Building Construction Fee
  • ・Land Fee
  • ・Hot Spring Usage Fee
Hotel Construction Plan

[Building Owner]

  • ・Building Construction Fee
  • ・Land Fee
  • ・Hot Spring Usage Fee
Hotel Operation Plan

[Hotel Operation Owner]

  • ・Building Fee
  • ・Guarantee Deposit

Recommended Plan

Hotel Management Plan(Construction and Operation Owner)
  • A business company with experience in hotel management will conclude a fixed-term land lease agreement with the landowner and handle all aspects of hotel construction and operation.
Hotel Construction Plan(Building Owner)
  • New Arima Concept Resort Hotel: Construction Only Plan
  • After the building owner decides on the hotel operator, a fixed-term land lease agreement will be signed with the landowner, and the hotel will be constructed.
    Only the construction of the New Arima Concept Resort Hotel will be handled by us, hotel operation will be handled by another company. The building owner will receive rent based on the fixed-term building lease contract with the hotel operator.
Hotel Operation Plan(Hotel Operation Owner)
  • New Arima Concept Resort Hotel: Operation Only Plan
  • Enter into a fixed-term building lease agreement with the building owner and we will be responsible for all hotel operations.
    This is an operation-only plan that does not involve us getting involved with land lease agreement or construction.
  • Business Plan1.Hotel Management Plan2.Hotel Construction Plan3.Hotel Operation Plan
    When obtaining a bank loan, a solid business plan is required in addition to the drawings of the hotel inn to be built and the specifics of the loan request.
    We can assist you in preparing a business plan that includes basic policies, planning assumptions, sales plan (monthly and annual), normal profitability calculation (annual), long-term income/expense plan and repayment plan, BS plan, and cash flow plan.
  • Building Construction1.Hotel Management Plan2.Hotel Construction Plan
    Nippon House Kobe, a company with a proven track record in the construction of resort hotels and other facilities, has developed the New Arima Concept.
    The New Arima Onsen East West Villa will be built based on a concept that has never been seen in the Arima area before.
  • Operator Introduction2.Hotel Construction Plan
    If there is no desire to operate the hotel yourself, the management of the hotel can be outsourced to a third party.
    We can introduce you to a number of companies that manage hotels in the local Kobe area, which can greatly reduce the burden of management.
  • Land Lease1.Hotel Management Plan2.Hotel Construction Plan
    Nippon House Kobe can assist you in signing a land lease for approximately 0.23 square kilometers of land near Arima Onsen. We provide full support for execution of a fixed-term land lease contract with the landowner, including assisting in negotiations and arranging documents until the contract is completed.
  • Bank Introduction1.Hotel Management Plan2.Hotel Construction Plan3.Hotel Operation Plan
    Nippon House Kobe will introduce you to a financing bank to raise funds, including construction and management costs. We will also provide support from the loan application to completion, including negotiations with the bank and document arrangements.

What is Arima Town?

Arima Town is centered around Arima Hot Springs, famous throughout Japan as one of the oldest hot spring resorts in the country and a favorite of Toyotomi Hideyoshi (famous Japanese samurai). In Arima Town, there are historic temples and shrines such as Onsenji Temple, Gokurakuji Temple, Nenbutsuji Temple, Yusen Shrine, and Inari Shrine. The sculptures at Onsenji Temple and Zempukuji Temple and paintings at Yusen Shrine are designated as national important cultural properties.

Traditional events such as the "Irihatsu Ceremony" in January and the "Arima Grand Tea Ceremony" in November are also held here. The tourist spots include "Nene Bridge" and "Taiko-no-Yudenkan," which are associated with Taiko-Hideyoshi, "Zuihoji Park," "Kakogataki Park," and "Atagoyama Park," which are known as the three major parks, and the recently opened "Kin no Yu," "Gin no Yu" and "Arima no Kobo," all of which attract many tourists during all four seasons.

(From Kobe City WEB site)

Hot Spring Quality

The active fault, the Arima-Takatsuki Tectonic Line, is distributed in this area, and hot spring water gushes out through the highly permeable fault fracture zone as a flow path. Low-temperature hot spring water is gushing from the east-west strike of the fault, and high-temperature water is gushing from the north-south strike of the fault.

Iron-containing chloride springs (akayu) are at first clear but become colored when exposed to air and are called "kinsen", gold spring, while the other clear springs are called "ginsen", silver spring. The composition of ginsen differs slightly depending on the source, but they are broadly classified into hydrogen carbonate springs and natural radium springs. The names "kinsen" and "ginsen" are registered trademarks of the Arima Onsen Ryokan Cooperative Association (Kin-sen: No. 3295652 and No. 4672302, Gin-sen: No. 4672303).

Arima Onsen consists of a mixture of deep hot spring water and radon spring water from the natural water system. The deep hot spring water is of the NaCl-HCO3 type with high concentrations of Li, B, and Cl, and is characterized by its high D/O isotope ratio (δD-δ18O) and He isotope ratio (3He/4He). Groundwater in southwestern Japan with these characteristics is called "Arima-type (-hydrothermal, -saline, -deep water).

It has been pointed out that the origin of Arima-type hydrothermal fluids, including Arima Onsen, may be water that was incorporated into the rocks of the Philippine Sea Plate under the seafloor, subducted from the Nankai Trough as a slab and transported deep underground, and due to underground pressure, and the water from the rocks is directly gushed to the surface.


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